Cause Marketing Rocks!

Publishing (our launch platform):

Nonprofit publishing where content is “donated” via invitation-only submissions and co-creation to run on on Giving Forward properties (websites). Half of net advertising revenue is distributed to the nonprofits selected by the contributors and readers/consumers of the content. Both the reader and content creator are critical to generating the ad revenue which is why we record a “vote” in where the ad revenue share is distributed. The remaining 50% of ad revenue is retained by Giving Forward to cover operating costs, develop new cause marketing and philanthropic initiatives and fulfill our mission.

PSA Optimization:

Operating online media/advertising PSA (Public Service Announcement) advertising platforms (nonprofit ad exchange):

Facilitating low cost or no-cost access by nonprofits (including ourselves) to unsold online media including providing assistance with:

inventory acquisition

ad trafficking


creative development (ads and landing pages)

Value creation through the recycling of brand-unsafe ad placements rejected by advertisers.

Conversion of unsold media to revenue for nonprofits via cause marketing, sponsorship, advertising and donations


Educating marketers and corporate decision-makers through publishing, events and networking on best practices in:

  • Cause Marketing
  • Philanthropy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
nonprofit causes
Publishing Projects

Empower The Individual

With Cause Marketing the Giving Forward Way, Members decide where the $$ goes.


Once we launch we’ll have a curated list of causes, think you can recruit 5000 Members to donate their time and attention consuming great content, let us know and we’ll see if we can add your cause.

The Magic of Cause Marketing

Disposable income isn't what it used to be. Many of the population can't afford to give much with their income barely making ends meet. We will build technology and platforms that will empower those who


Visit Our Sites, Volunteer or Donate

Once we start publishing you’ll be able to help us just by consuming our great content and enjoying it. If you like it, share it.

Other ways you can help include: