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Giving Forward’s launch initiative is in cause marketing powered publishing We are launching several publishing brands / domains GooodBuzz is the launch domain and is a cross between Instagram and Medium, where all ad revenue goes to nonprofits 50+ percent to the nonprofits the viewers and contributors select. We are also launching a multi-nonprofit virtual events platform.

The common theme across all of our current and future initiatives is the conversion of attention and behavior to revenue for nonprofits through advertising, marketing, commerce and volunteerism.

Cause Marketing Powered Publishing (CMPP):

Global digital advertising revenue in 2020 was estimated to be over $350 billion according to several sources including the IAB and eMarketer. That revenue is driven by content consumption; the attention and behavior of consumers. Giving Forward combines great content with the passion that consumers have for their favorite nonprofits.

Giving Forward plans, within 5-years, to harvest one billion dollars (US) in advertising revenue, on content published on our websites and in our apps by donors. We convert the content (eyeballs and ears) into cause marketing donations to nonprofits. That’s Giving Forward’s model.

Cause marketing powered publishing is distinctive:

  • Content is “Donated” to one of the Giving Forward brand websites by the “Creator” or co-created with the Giving Forward team (mostly volunteers) and that content is tagged with the nonprofit selected by the Creator (Creator’s Cause). When that content is read/consumed the consumption is tracked. Giving Forward uses a points-based system to allocate 25% of the advertising revenue to the Creator’s Cause.
  • Readers/Consumers of the content are equally important. Without them, there would be no advertising and sponsorship revenue. When they register, their content consumption (which generates ad revenue) is measured with the same points system. The nonprofit chose by the reader / watcher gets 25% of ad revenues.

Giving Forward (also a nonprofit) retains the 50% remaining ad revenue to cover the costs and to build additional cause marketing technology.

History of the nonprofit Giving Forward, founded in September 2019. (sometimes it’s useful to know the back-story of the founder Kevin Lee and his obsession with cause marketing and how it manifested itself into Giving Forward.)

The following Giving Forward initiatives are in simultaneous launch in 2021

Cause Marketing Powered Publishing

Cause Marketing Powered Events (virtual)

Cause Marketing NFTs (in collaboration with NFT.NYC

Volunteer Marketplace (think of it as Fiverr, where the volunteer picks a nonprofit to get 70% of the task payment from the sponsor.)

The development and deployment of these additional platforms, all of which benefit OTHER nonprofits  will be accelerated through your DONATIONS.


Commerce-based cause marketing has generated over $1 billion for nonprofits.

We are innovating in publishing-based cause marketing, volunteer-driven cause marketing AND commerce.